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    The main duties of stewards will be door control of stages, ticket office meet and greet at the main gate, back stage management, litter picking and site patrol. The general commitment will be 3-4 two hour shifts over the duration of the festival (this will depend on numbers)

    Types of Duty

    Please choose the types of duty/duties you feel capable/comfortable doing, you may choose as many or as few as you like.

    Specialist Skills:

    As well as general stewards, we also need volunteers with construction skills (builders, carpenters, electricians, general labourers, etc). If you have any such experience, please provide details in the box below.

    Specialist Skills

    General Availability:

    Please inform us when you expect to arrive on site.
    The festival needs stewards and volunteers from the Wednesday through to the Monday.
    Please indicate your exact availability (i.e. time when first available, time when you wish to finish your last duty. We will prioritise applications from people who are flexible about what days and hours they can work.
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