This is who entertained us in 2019, watch this space for 2021 announcements.

Listen to some of our 2019 artists…

Grant Gordy – USA
Midnight Skyracer
Flats & Sharps
The Rip Roaring Success
The Dan Walsh Trio
The Shackleton Trio
The Often Herd
Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band
The Lowly Strung
The Vanguards
The Ragged Out String Band
New Essex Bluegrass Boys
Molly & The Blackbriar Band
Western Edge
Appalachian Dancers:
Brandywine Cloggers
Knickerbocker Glory

BBMA Open Stage

This is intended for new or inexperienced performers. The BBMA OPEN STAGE in the Clubhouse will run from 4.00pm-7.00pm on the Friday and Saturday. Just pop along to the merchandise tent or Clubhouse and sign-up if you’d like to perform. Your names will be transferred to a blackboard running order by the stage. This is also an Old Time Session area when there are no open stage performances.

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